Sue, Star Paws Photographer


Hi, that's me over there with the gorgeous galah perched on my lens.

Animals of all sorts do seem to love me, which is a great advantage for a pet photographer!

Star Paws Photography was established in 2009, when I realised that there must be other people out there who are as crazy about their pets as I am, and that they too would love some professional photographs of their furry family. 

Choosing to combine two of my favourite things, animals and photography, was the best decision I could have made. To say that I love my job would be a massive understatement - even when I'm lying face down in a muddy field just to get that amazing shot of your dog!

Sue Star Paws Photographer

The Support Crew


This little beauty is Millie, our first Bedlington Terrier, and the original inspiration behind Star Paws Photography.

Millie is 11 years old now (where does the time go?), but you wouldn't think it to look at her. 

I call her my stubborn little princess but she's also a really clever, loyal, loving and cuddly girl too!

She loves her walks, chew toys, running, meeting people, and treats. She definitely loves her treats.



Here we have Mabel, also known as Babybel (and at times, Crazybel!)

As you might guess from her nicknames, Mabel is not only the youngest, but also a real dafty with a puppy personality.

She'll be 10 years old soon, but she still loves to play fetch and will chase after a toy for as long as you care to throw it.

Mabel's favourite things are playing, keeping an eye on the neighbourhood, Millie, and treats. Yep, she also loves her treats!


In Our Hearts


Sadly we lost the last member of our cat crew, Bessie, in July 2018.

Bessie made it to the grand old age of 18, so she'd been with us through many highs and lows over the years.

She was grumpy (even as a kitten!), not in the least bit cuddly, hated being picked up, and would only tolerate a tickle behind the ears for so long... but you never knew for how long... until she turned on you and took a swipe!

Bessie was a real 'bah humbug' cat (hence the photo!) but such a character, and we loved her dearly for it.


The Mystery Woman

Last, but by no means least, 


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